A Step-By-Step Guide for Fixing Matted Hair Extensions

Matted hair extensions are an all-too-common problem. Dryness, tangles and frizz can all make hair extensions seem like more of a hassle than they’re worth. Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take to eliminate this issue once and for all.

Why Hair Extension Matting Happens

There are two main reasons why hair extension matting tends to happen: Poor quality extensions and damage.

When the cuticle of the hair is damaged, raised or has been removed completely, your extensions can start to matt. Also, if you’re using hair extensions of an inferior quality, the cuticle will have already been removed during the manufacturing process, which will also lead to matting.

Why Remy hair extensions are better

The reason why Remy hair extensions are so popular is because the cuticles have not been removed during manufacturing and all the hair flows in the same direction. Remy extensions are less likely to tangle and are much easier to style and maintain.

Caring for your hair extensions

In order to prevent your hair from matting and tangling, it’s advisable to use a conditioning treatment on a regular basis, which will help smooth the cuticles and stop the extensions from becoming too dry.

Human hair extensions like J’adore, are top quality products, which means any treatments that you use need to be as natural as possible. This is because treatments that contain too many chemicals will end up damaging your extensions in the long run, making it them even more difficult to manage.

Most hair extension treatments will work in the same that sebum would. Since hair extensions aren’t able to use sebum naturally, they aren’t protected and restored on a regular basis without additional help. Hair extension treatments will also use oils to help the hair cuticles lie flat, preventing any tangling.

The right treatment will also ensure that brushing doesn’t damage your hair extensions either.

Tips for correcting matted hair extensions

Step 1: Brush your hair extensions in order to get them as smooth as you can. Yes, this can sometimes be painful and take some time but it will ensure that your treatment can be absorbed by the hair.

Step 2: Apply a pre-shampoo treatment that’s specifically made for hair extensions. Only use the treatment on dry hair and from the middle to the ends of the extensions.

Step 3: Give your hair extensions enough time to absorb the treatment. If possible, leave the treatment in overnight. The longer it stays in, the better the results. If you don’t have enough time, leave the treatment in for at least 30 minutes.

Step 4: You can now rinse your hair with your regular shampoo and conditioner to achieve a healthy shine and beautiful, unmated hair.

Why hair extension treatments are key

If you want to lower the chances of matting and prolong the quality of your hair extensions, it’s important to use a pre-shampoo treatment on a regular basis. Just like your natural hair, your extensions need natural oils to stay healthy too, which is why hair extension treatments are key.