How to Completely Personalise Your School Uniform

School uniforms are a favourite of parents, faculty, and staff at schools all over the world. They’re able to eliminate the need for students to compare themselves with each other as well make fun of one another for not wearing the latest and greatest trends. While school uniforms have many benefits, a lot of students don’t really care for them too much. It’s extremely difficult to maintain your own sense of individuality while dressed the same as everyone else but there are certainly ways to achieve it. Keep reading to find out how you or your children can add a bit of personality to their school uniforms while still being within the codes of conduct set forth by the administration.

Become Familiar with the Rules

You want your children to be able to have their own individuality but you also want them to follow the rules. Make sure that you read the rules very carefully before allowing your child to accessorise his or her school uniforms. Most schools have no problem with accessories and some even allow changes to the uniform itself; however, you had better make sure before allowing your child to go to school in something that is against the rules.

A Little Change Goes a Long Way

If the school allows changes that don’t permanently modify the uniform that the school wear suppliers have provided, then go for it! Add a pin or a nice brooch to bring a touch of personality to the uniform. You could also attempt to add new buttons to the clothes as well!

Accessories Are Your Friend

One of the greatest tools at your disposal is accessories. You can truly incorporate your own sense of style through your accessories. Put on a great necklace or a bracelet. Add some rings. Even decorate your hair with ribbons or barrettes. If accessories are the only change that you can make, then go wild with it and get creative!

Don’t Forget to Decorate Your Belongings

Just because you have to wear a uniform doesn’t mean that your bag or books do. Decorate your bag with pins and other little trinkets. You can also decorate your books by covering them in wrapping paper! Add some inspirational song lyrics or quotes; this way, you’re always reminded of who you are.

It can be tiring wearing the same thing to school every day. That much is obvious. But wearing school uniforms really does have benefits for the students as a whole. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with adding a little bit of creativity to your uniforms just as long as you’re within the boundaries that the school has put in place. It’s definitely important to be who you want to be but you have to remember to be respectful while doing it.