Make Your Occasion Special with Gold Mangalsutra

A Hindu wedding is incomplete without a mangalsutra. Normal Hindu weddings feature a lot of ceremonies and rituals. In fact, in some Hindu weddings it goes for few days to complete and it is expected of the groom and the bride to perform specific rituals and this belief of going for seven lives is yet followed. With all this going on, the mangalsutra carries a lot of significance.

What is Mangalsutra?

Mangalsutra is a gold or metallic chain having black beads and a pendant hangs in it. This jewellery piece includes essential items such as the bangles, nose and toe rings. The forehead bindi is also mandatory.

The word Mangalsutra means auspicious necklace or thread. It is a sign of loyalty and faithfulness towards your husband and it is his promise to protect his wife for the entire life.  The Indian woman wears mangalsutra all their life and so buying it from reputed store is very important. Buying gold mangalsutra online has become common now and they come in beautiful designs. In fact, the black beads around the mangalsutra also are believed to have special magical powers. Thus buying online means you get an opportunity to choose from latest designs.

The tradition

Every Indian woman loves wearing a mangalsutra as a sign of love for her husband. Today, there are plentiful designs that most people buy it online and thus avoid running around shops looking for unique designs.  The tradition of mangalsutra is the same, but the new concept is that they have become simpler and shorter in size, while the pendants are also smaller and lighter.

The taste has seen a change in the current generations. The online stores appeal now even to international audience. Indian women staying in foreign countries also like designs that are light.  In fact, even Indian working women prefer to go with lighter chains. Thus, when purchasing, consider a lighter weight as it will be convenient as daily wear.

Elegant choices

With the change in choices, looking for elegant choices in gold has no doubt taken a speed. This bond of love and promise through gold mangalsutra is available in sophisticated and stylish look with Tanishq.

Buying with reputed stores online has an advantage as you get the original gold and you need not worry about its quality. You can make your occasion beautiful by considering buying gold mangalsutra and also a pair of matching earrings.